C# Programming

The .NET platform was introduced in 2002 by Microsoft. Alongside it was the C# programming language. Today they are mainstay in modern software development.

Before .NET

Before the .NET platform was released by Microsoft, programmers used the COM programming model. COM stands for the Component Object Model. With COM programmer A could build libraries that were sharable and usable by a variety of programming language. Certainly this language-independence was useful. However, working with COM was complex and had fragile deployment model. Deployment was only conceivable in Windows. However, with .NET platform we get a more powerful, flexible and simpler programming model.

Benefits of .NET

  1. Numerous Programming Languages.
    .NET Platform allows developers make applications using numerous programming languages like C#,VB, F# etc.
  2. Inteoperability.
    Code written with .NET are not only interoperable among various .NET versions but also with the existing code written in COM.
  3. Common runtime.
    All .NET languages share a common runtime which common predifined types.