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Android Realm Database with Spinner tutorial.

Hello this is a simple realm tutorial to perform basic CRUD.We  first write data to Realm database from a simple dialog with edittext,then read that data and show in a simple spinner. Here's the thing :

  • Save/Write data to realm database from a simple edittext on button click.
  • Our EditText and Button are hosted in a dialog that gets shown on floating action button is clicked.
  • Retrieve.Read data From Realm database filling  a simple arraylist.
  • Bind the arraylist in a simple spinner.

Realm is a fast mobile database that allows us to write database code in pure Java.

This gives us type safety and provides for greater flexibility than writing SQL code.

Type safety allows us easily catch errors at compile time.

This is a realm database tutorial with spinner.

Spinner is an android adapterview that allows us display items in a dropdown manner.

In this tutorial we save data to Realm database, retrieve data and show in a Spinner.

Let's go.

Best Regards, Oclemy.

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