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Top Android RatingBar Examples

Let's look at some examples.

Lets see how to work with a Custom ListView with RatingBar. Moreover, the ListView shall hava images and text. We shall be using five stars in our ratingbar, and set their values programmatically in java code.

When the user clicks a single ListView viewitem, we display the value of the associated...

Ratingbars help us rate content and products. They are especially common in the web where content is plentiful.

Ratingbars help influence others opinions of the quality of content or product. Android also has a ratingbar widget that can help to easily rate anything imaginable. 

So here we look at Android RecylerView with RatingBar. The RecyclerView shall comprise CardViews that have image,text and ratingbar. Users can then rate a single card and its contents.

We shall be setting the RatingBar values in our java code. We have a maximum of five stars but you can specify the quantity you desire in your XML code. We are using SimpleRatingBar library.    

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