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Let's look at some examples.

Hello.Lets see how to load images from  online to our android application.The adapterview we use is ListView. We are further going to be using Picasso imageloader to load our images asynchronously and cache them.Our ListView shall display images and text. Here's the deal :

  • We are fetching our images from
  • The site is something of an image and video hosting site, and they have a free package thats more than enough for use.
  • Anyway your images can come from anywhere,the only thing we need is a url.
  • We fetch them using Picasso library.
  • While its being downloaded,we display to the user a placeholder image.
  • We are using ListView with BaseAdapter as our base adapter class.

Displaying images in adapterviews is quite common. Especially ListView, GridView and RecyclerView. In this example we see how to fetch images from the web and into a RecyclerView.

This is an android tutorial that explores the usage of Cloudinary, a cloud service to do the following:

Uses of this Project

No. Task
1. Connect securely to Cloudinary web service using authentication tokens.
2. Transform an image into one with Round corners on the cloud.
3. Resize Image on the cloud.
4. Render the transformed Image using Picasso


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