Android MySQL - Best ListView Examples.

Android MySQL ListView Examples and Tutorials.

MySQL is our database while PHP is the server side language we use. The client code is for android is written in this case in either Java or Kotlin.

ListView is our component.

But first:

What is a ListView?

A ListView is an android widget that allows us to render a list of scrollable items.

ListView is an adapterview like gridview and spinner.

This means that it requires an adapter for it to insert its items. The adapter becomes responsible for pulling data from a content source.

This source can be an array or something more complex like database or from the network.

Not only that but the adapter will also be responsible for converting each item result into a view that will be placed into the listview.

This is because as an adapterview the ListView does not know the details, such as type and contents, of the views it contains.

So it will ask for the views on demand from a ListAdapter as needed. For instance it asks for these views as the user scrolls up or down.

Each of the views in the ListView is positioned immediately below the previous view in the list.

Top Android MySQL ListView Examples

Let's look at some examples.

Android MySQL images text listview Tutorial. We see how to select images and text from mysql databse and show in a ListView.

Applications are many that show lists of data in google play.Most of the time these images aren't stored locally.That would be a disaster in terms of space storage for most...

Android MySQL ListView Search.

Hello guys,yes you can easily filter or search from an arraylist within your android application.But imagine a case where you have thousands of records in the server.Shall you download them all to an arraylist then filter them from there?? Doesn't sound so efficient,isn't it?

Relational Databases are tuned for performance by default and are much faster than filtering from Java code.So then today we discuss Android ListView MySQL - ServerSide Searh/Filter. In short we filter using our SQL statements and return the results back to the android. For more detailed explanations,please watch our video tutorial. Cheers.

Android PHP MySQL ListView with HttpURLConnection as our HTTP Client. We Populate a ListView with MySQL data.

Guys Welcome today we explore Android PHP MySQL ListView HttpUrlConnection. If you want a demo and step by setp explanations please look at our video tutorial here.

Android PHP MySQL Tutorial - Select and Fill ListView with Images and Text Part 2.

In this part we are going to write some java code.We prefer to break down our work into one class one responsibility so we may use many classes.  

Android MySQL Tutorial - Select Images and Text and Populate a ListView. This is the Part 3 of the Tutorial.

We chose Basic activity so two layouts are auto created by android studio.ActivityMain.xml and ContentMain.xml. We then go ahead and create Model.xml.  

Android PHP MySQL Tutorial - Select Images and Text and Populate a ListView. This is the part 4 of the tutorial.

Below is our PHP script we used in this tutorial.You need to use your own database credentials.

  • The script selects data from mysql database.
  • It then encodes it into JSON format.
  • W...

Android PHP MySQL ListView Tutorial - Select data from MySQL and populate a ListView.

Guys Welcome today we explore Android PHP MySQL ListView HttpUrlConnection. If you prefer video here is our Video tutorial .

Android MySQL : Select Multiple Columns and Fill Custom ListView.

Welcome. In this class we are going to look at MySQL database. How to connect to MySQL, retrieve multiple columns and rows from a given database table and bind them to a custom ListView.

That ListView will have several fields, each representing a given record column from our mysql database table.

These fields will include:

  • ID.
  • Name.
  • Propellant.
  • Description.


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