Android AbsSpinner

AbsSpinner is the parent class for Spinner.

Spinner is a view that allows us display items in a dropdown manner, allowing user pick a single item at a time.

Spinner relies on abstractions defined in this AbsSpinner class, inheriting several concrete and abstract methods.

The fact that this class has abstract methods means it's also abstract.

public abstract class AbsSpinner...{}

This class is an adapterview. So it's children will rely on an Adapter for binding of data. Specifically a SpinnerAdapter.

public abstract class AbsSpinner extends AdapterView<SpinnerAdapter>

This class like other adapterviews is defined in the android.widget package. It's existed since the first release of Android, API Level 1.

You won't use this class in your day to day projects since it's a base class meant to provide abstraction to the Spinner class. Instead you'll use Spinner.

This class has 3 children:

Subclass Description
Spinner view used to provide a quick way to select a single value from a set.
Gallery view that shows items in a center-locked, horizontally scrolling list.DEPRECATED IN API LEVEL 16.

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